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Gooey Contributors Signup

Cheers and Greetings, Friends!

I want to personally thank each of you for signing up to the Contributor’s Guild. Some of you have contributed before and had your works published, so welcome back! For those who are new, I greet you heartily! I encourage you to read the following information.

We are not asking you to be authors and write a whole lot of stuff. In fact, we want this to be fairly easy for you. Our plan is for each of you to have the opportunity to provide little entries into the Wy’rded World. Others who have done this have done so, and many such little “whispers” have made big impacts in Zyathé, as our writers become inspired by them, and build upon them.

Previous contribution rounds have resulted in hundreds of entries within such works as the Cyclopaedias East and West Verdestia, and the Cyclopaedia Magicka. Please refer to these books if you wish to see how we treat contributions.

We may ask for locations, such as a shop, guild hall, or tavern that is placed within a city or town. Maybe it will be an interesting area in a forest, or in a cavern or dungeon. Or maybe it’s an intriguing encounter on the road, in a savage wood, or on the coast. Perhaps it will be a pirate ship sailing the Mystranic or a strange temple in a dark bog. We might ask for an interesting NPC that we can bring to the adventures (perhaps one of your own characters). It could even be a monster or magic item. Such things we have done before and will do again, as the world is vast!

Now, to manage expectations, we cannot compensate you very much for this. For each contribution round, we pick a reward worth roughly $15 - $25. This might be an art print, a character folio, a map for your wall, or something similar, which we ship out to you for free. And, of course, you will be credited within the publication as to the submission that you made and have the enjoyment of seeing your idea brought to life in Zyathé.

We have contribution opportunities two or three times a year. To keep track of what round we are on, please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and keep an eye on our Discord, Facebook, or Twitch stream, as we release information through these methods.

To contribute, all you must do is fill in the fields below with your submission. We try to use every submission we receive, but please be aware that they will go through a rigorous editing process that may change the tone or certain specifics to match our lore. We do our best to preserve the spirit of your contribution in as pure a way as possible and no matter the changes, you will receive compensation and credit. Compensation will not be sent out until we are in the final process of releasing the product the entry is within.

Please do not submit anything that is very important to you that you may use in your own projects, as once you submit, the content you have written shall belong to Gooey Cube.

Thank you again for your interest in being a part of this amazing, fearful world.


Alphinius Goo

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