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Gooey Contributor's Guild

Where YOU Bring our world to life!

Cheers and Greetings!

For those interested in the Contributor’s Guild, you have the opportunity to provide submissions to Gooey Cube for inclusion in future publications. There is no cost for this and every submission that is accepted gets rewards that are good value and your name will be credited in the publication as a submitter. We do not, however want submissions of anything that you might wish to use for publishing on your own in the future. This is for fun and should require only very modest work on your part.

Below is the Contributor’s Guild Information.

Use this password to reach the registration form:


(Please use all characters including the at sign and exclamation point)

We use Discord for meetups of the Contributor’s Guild. If you would like to join the group, here is the Discord Information:

Instructions for Joining the Discord Channel and Securing Contributor Role:

Use this link to join the server:

Upon entering the server, read through our Community Rules before clicking the link labeled #role-assignment at the bottom of the thread.

Once in the #role-assignment channel, simply click all of the appropriate emoji symbols found beneath the messages created by our Bot. (It is very important that you assign yourself as a Contributor, the rest are up to you for interacting with the community).

Objective complete! You are now a member of the Gooey Discord community with access to all of the necessary channels for being one of our esteemed Contributors!
Please feel free to reach out to any Admins (Prema Bonduran) or Moderators (Bonduran Council) if you have any issues or questions.

Thank you my friends!!
May all your adventures be sticky!!

-Alphinius Goo

List the password below to access the Contributors Guild Signup • 13520 Northgate Estates Dr, Ste 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80921 • © 2024 Gooey Cube
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