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Gen Con - Join us August 2nd

The Great Gooey Dungeon Game Show is streaming LIVE from the MAIN STAGE at Gen Con 2024!

August 2nd at 10AM ET

The Great Gooey Dungeon Game Show is coming to you LIVE featuring many special celebrity guests, a HUGE Dwarven Forge dungeon, and hundreds of prizes for our audience members! This TTRPG game show will blow you away! Plus, you can win your share of thousands of dollars in prizes, including merch, art prints, dice, and other TTRPG goodness – with a grand prize worth $200!

Plus, YOU can get called up on stage to play with our amazing celebrities!

This Gen Con tradition has been delighting audiences for years now, so come be a part of this event where the energy is wild and the giveaways never end! Feast your eyes on the EPIC 3D dungeon built with Dwarven Forge terrain. Cheer on your champion, directing them where they should go and giving them power-ups along the way! Get called up on stage to represent your team, sitting side-by-side with an incredible line-up of gaming celebrities!

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OR, join us live at Gen Con! Get your tickets below!

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Calling All Adventurers

As four adventurers make their way through the insane twists and turns of the epic dungeon, you have the chance to win boat loads of treasure! Controlling the steps of your player, you and your team can either win big or get swallowed by the dungeon itself! If you do find your way out of the dungeon, or are lucky enough throughout your journey, you can win fabulous prizes, including your share of hundreds of dollars in TTRPG loot! So what are you waiting for? Join the Great Gooey Dungeon Game Show and win big!

You're not ready for the amount of loot we're giving away

One of the best parts of playing The Great Gooey Dungeon Game Show is the incredible amount of loot we give away during the game show!

If you are playing online and wish to win prizes, you must fill out the form at This form is solely to help us with shipping out prizes in a timely fashion after the event. The form must be filled out no later than the end of the event, as it helps us immensely with not having to track down contact information and shipping addresses down the road.

If you have previously filled out this form for another purpose or Gooey Cube event, you do not need to fill it out again unless you have since changed shipping addresses. Physical prizes won will be sent if located in the United States. Digital prizes will be sent if located internationally. Full prize disclaimer is located on the form.

Thanks for helping The Goo Crew fulfill your prizes!

The Dungeon

The dungeon is a massive, intricate table-top landscape. Filled with intriguing twists and turns, it is sure to make your adventure an exciting one! Interact with Alphinius Goo’s personal, extensive collection of miniatures and terrain. However, the dungeon is filled with the foulest of creatures, so do enter with caution! Let the games commence!


Collection acquired from these incredible companies: Dwarven Forge, Mystic Realm Terrain, Thomarillion, Scotia Grendel, Tabletop World, Tiny Furniture, Cadwallon Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, Zealot Miniatures, Lead Adventure Miniatures, Die Hard Dice, Elderwood Academy, Ziterdes, Harry’s 3D Sculpting, Eldritch Foundry, Atlantis Miniatures

What is the treasure you may be asking?

Gooey Cube Swag & Merch
Character Folios
Gooey Cube Artwork
Dice & Minis
Board Games
So much more!

Along with our normal Gooey Goodness being raffled off, we also have an incredible assortment of TTRPG prizes:

  • Strangely Gooey Holiday
  • West Verdestia Map Packs
  • Gooey Rewards Cards
  • Portrait Packs
  • Menace in the Mist
  • Gooey Cube Custom Races
  • Gooey Cube Custom Classes
  • Stickers
  • T-Shirts
  • Player’s Guide to the World of Zyathé
  • Art Packs
  • And much, much more!
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Rule Book

Who’s Playing?

  1. You will be on one of four teams, each representing the four different brave adventurers.
  2. If the event is solely online, the audience will be split into four teams via Discord.
  3. If the event is broadcasting from a convention live, the in-person audience will be split into three teams, each backing an adventurer. The fourth team will be made up of our online attendees and represent Team Twitch.
  4. Chosen at random, one team member will play for their adventurer.
  5. Each team will have a team captain to voice their team’s wishes.

Meet Your Adventurers:
Calopia Sen: Fearless Half Elf who is a known barbarian.

Glynn Wyther: Trained ranger and gifted marksman.

Fleegan Fundleflim: Highly intelligent gnome rogue with a strong work ethic.

Brandele Steele: Wizard of Verdestia who bears the Blood-Touch of the Draconic.

Dungeon Points
Entering the Dungeon
Kismya's Wheel
The Zonk
Dungeon Points
  • Dungeon Points decide which team is the winner of the show. Dungeon points can be earned or lost based on certain scenarios, as listed below.
Other Ways to Earn Dungeon Points:
  1. At the end of each round, Alphinius Goo will decide who is Room MVP. This can be due to an on-stage player’s role-playing or actions taken in combat. They will be awarded two Dungeon Points.
  2. At the end of the dungeon crawl, Dungeon Points will be awarded based on your remaining pot of gold and percentage of your health left. Having tons of gold will not win you extra Dungeon Points, but your player having a higher percentage of health will.
  3. The winning team will be entered to win the grand prize and one person on that team will walk away with a prize worth over $200 in value!
Entering the Dungeon
  1. There are four options of actions each team can take when entering a new room.
  2. The on-stage players will roll, whoever gets the highest roll can choose which of the four actions to take. All four actions must be taken, so the player with the lowest roll must do the last available action.
  3. Voting in-person is done via paddle voting. Voting online is done via Twitch chat, or in the Discord rooms if it is a solely online event.
  4. The teams will come to a consensus on what action to take and the on-stage player will perform that action.

Each action triggers one of 4 reactions:

  • You can discover loot.
  • You can spin Kismya’s wheel.
  • You can get the zonk.
  • You can uncover a monster.
  • If your team discovers the loot, you can partake in a drawing and can potentially win fabulous prizes.
  • Alphinius will also roll for how much gold is found in the treasure and will be added to your team’s total haul. 
  • Your adventurer will be gifted either a special item or a Gooey Reward card that can be played at any point during the game on that adventurer’s turn.
Kismya's Wheel
  • Land on one of the Gooey Cube slots and you win 5 Dungeon Points
  • The on-stage player can choose whether or not they would like to spend 10 of their team’s overall gold to gamble on a spin which cannot be given back.
  • They then guess whether the wheel will land on a red or black slot.
  • If they are correct they are awarded a Dungeon Point and the consequence it lands on is irrelevant.
  • If they are wrong, they must accept the consequence which can be losing Dungeon Points, Hit Points, or gold.
The Zonk
  • Roll off with Alphinius.
  • If you lose you will be deducted a Dungeon Point.
  • If you win, make one of your competitor’s Dungeon Points disappear.
  • If you release the monster, you are instantly attacked.
  • After all four actions are completed, there will be a round of combat.
  • Initiative will be rolled to determine who strikes first. Whoever manages to kill the monster will be awarded one Dungeon Point
  • If they cannot kill the monster in a single round, all the players will continue on their adventure.


0% - 19% = 0 DP
20% - 39% = 1 DP
40% - 59% = 2 DP
60% - 79% = 3 DP
80% - 99% = 4 DP
100% = 5 DP


0 - 49 = 0 DP
50 - 99 = 1 DP
100 - 149 = 2 DP
150 - 199 = 3 DP
200 - 249 = 4 DP
250 = 5 DP

Join us for this marvelous affair! An exhilarating adventure, playing alongside veteran GM Alphinius Goo and his personal collection, embarking on a journey in our elaborate dungeon, and the chance to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes! What is not to love? So join us next time at The Great Gooey Dungeon Gameshow!

Fill out our prize form to ensure your entry is valid!

Fill out our prize form

Contest Rules and Conditions
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