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Contributors Gloomport Submission Form

Welcome Contributors to submission round 13! Zyanduun !

The Zyanduun, which is also called the Underdelve or the Deepingdown, is the massive network of cavernous passages, stone cathedrals, watery locations, massive caves, and other such places that can be found beneath the surface of Zyathé.
Indeed, the Underdelve is a most dangerous and fearful place but also one with much life and interest. There are cities and towns in the depths… ancient ruins… fearful monsters… waterfalls, rivers, even sizeable lakes. Though many places are darkened and lightless, because of the presence of glowcrystals, luminescent fungi and lichens, and Illumi’ines (which are glowing crystallin tree-like formations formed of stone and crystals)… there are also many places that are alive with light.

Think of the Zyanduun much as you think of the surface-world. There are highway passages and road passages… safer areas and frightening wildlands… major underground city-states… farms where many differing fungi and other edible Deepingdown plant-life are grown along with Vonddrak and other animals raised for their meat.
It is just all confined to the stony world without a sky.

Your assignment is an interesting locality (small) such as an intriguing stone formation… a waterfall… a ruin… a bandit camp… a pond… a fearful cave… and Underdelvan Inn… a mine… a farm… a dark hole… or other such intriguing place that one might “run into” as they travel about in the depths. Again, this is a localized place. Something you can write about in a single page of content or a bit less. The format should be as follows:


  1. Name of the location
  2. Exterior Description
  3. Interior Description (if required)
  4. Any associated NPC or Monster
  5. Legends and lore about the locality
  6. One secret that might lead to adventure


We’re excited to begin our exploration of the Underdelve with all of you. Your reward for this is one of the oversized pieces of artwork we will be producing for the book in a size that is suitable for framing. The value of such is about $20 and as such, please do not do more than a single page of content. And, as always, this is all about fun and giving our gooey friends a chance to be a part of helping shape the world. Please only provide a creation that you do not mind giving up as the locality will be owned by Gooey Cube going forward per the Contributor’s Agreement.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the Goo Crew if you have any questions!

Gooey Contributor Submission - Round 6 Gloomport

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