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Gooey Cube Presents… A Character Creation Writing Contest

What's the objective?

We’re creating unique and exciting backstories for our new player characters that will be used during game conventions throughout the world!

When is this contest over?

Contest is closed for submissions at 12:01 AM PT on Thursday, June 1st 2023.

What kind of loots are available?

  1. There will be a Grand Prize Winner for the judge’s favorite backstory. This person will win a Signed Limited-Edition Shadows in Genzacon 2.
  2. The 12 people whose backstories are selected will receive a premium folio with the portrait of the character they wrote and won for.
  3. Every person who enters will get a 15% off coupon to the Gooey Cube store (a few exclusions apply. Details will be on the coupons).

What characters are you writing about?

Female Dwarf
Male Inzandra'az
Female Gnome
Non-Binary Half-Elf
Male Goruund
Female Fay'aree
Female Human
Male Scundruze
female Half-Elf
Male Myruun
Female Halfling
Male Sofling
If you are wondering what Scundruze, Myruun, Fusilier, etc. mean, they are custom races and classes to the world of Zyathé! They are expounded upon in our lore books, but if you don’t have those handy, keep your eyes on our social media accounts as we will be giving further information with ideas for backgrounds for these characters!

Rule Book

  1. Limit your backstory to 3 to 5 paragraphs. Any submissions longer than 700 words must be trimmed down.
  2. The backstory must fit Zyathé's lore. Please stick to believable characters. No secret princesses or Alphinius' third cousin.
  3. We are looking for characters that are NOT Hanataz, as we already have 12 pre-generated Hanataz characters.
  4. One submission per portrait, per person. We will accept the first one only. Updates to character backgrounds will be accepted. Please place the word UPDATE at the beginning of the submission, so we know it is an update!
  5. Please pick a name for the portrait. And no, Alphinius, CameraMandi, or Nog are not available.
  6. Secrets for the portrait are optional but highly encouraged! Everyone has a secret, and you can include it!
  7. We do not need stats, but you can suggest the character's archetype, what feat they might have, or a particular item they may have. These are limited to official 5e SRD or Gooey Cube materials. Please only make short notes for these.
  8. Gooey Cube reserves the right to change, alter and modify any submissions as needed to help fit better into the Zyathe world. Submissions will be edited for style and consistency.
  9. Official employees of Gooey Cube and partners of official employees of Gooey Cube are not eligible to enter.
  10. Winners will be judged by a 5-person panel selected by Gooey Cube. All decisions are final.
  11. To win, you must be willing to sign a Contributor’s Submission Agreement releasing the rights to your entry to Gooey Cube to use in their materials.


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