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Welcome, to the World of Zyathé

A Vast and Cataclysmic World Awaits!

In the furthest reaches of history, AvovA, the Dreamer of the First Dream, created the Zyanthuus – the font of power colloquially known as magic. Using the energy from that immeasurably powerful flow, AvovA then spoke The Way of All Things, which established order, disorder, and the balance between them. This in turn enabled the creation of the Eterniverse, the Deific and Demific realms, the gods, and the Life-World of Zyathé, which dances in the solar system known as Suleón. But unknown to the creator at the time of the creation, four sparks of foulness also emerged – brought forth from the depths of the cataclysm of The Making. These would eventually become beings of incalculable power, even greater than the gods themselves. They are named the Four Lords of Corruption. And the result of their genesis would ultimately be the unmaking of the maker.

Zyathé was not always as it is now. In the beginning it was magnificent. Beautiful. Unspoiled. Untouched by the vileness that twists and warps and infests it today. The terrible cataclysm of the Woe of Ruin that destroyed the high magicks and tainted the Zyahthuus left a legacy that still seeps like a slithering snake into every stone and blade of grass upon the face of the world. Meanwhile, in the Never-Place, the Four Lords of Corruption plot their revenge… and plan for the time when they shall break free of the prison where AvovA consigned them in his last sacrificial act for his creation.

Today Zyathé is known as the Wy’rded World, for it is now a devastated and afflicted globe, where contentious gods oversee a creation that is but a shadow of what it once was. The high races have fallen far from their once lofty positions, while those long relegated to the fringes grow in strength. Monstrous abominations stalk the wilds. Powerful, evil beings pursue all manner of nefarious ends. Sovereignties, nation-states, tyrannies, and invaders clash on every continent. And in the depths of the Zyanduun, which is called the Underdelve, all manner of dark and horrible creatures contest with the peoples that live there. All is not lost, but the world has only just been pulled back from the brink of oblivion, and there are many forces that yet work to push it over the edge.

This, my friend, is Zyathé: The Wy’rded World. And for good or ill, it is where you make your home.

Where in the Wy’rded World?

A vibrant 36” x 24” map to show the pieces of a broken world.

As you know, maps are a big deal in RPGs. When we started down the road of creating our own maps, we determined to do something wholly unique. Collaborating with our artist, Malthus Wolf, we came up with a style that truly sets our maps apart. First, we went “old school” with a 3/4 view to add a certain richness to the feel of the overall map.

Then, we breathed lore, culture, history, and cataclysm into the strange topography. Take a look at our world, and pick one up if you have any more room on your gaming wall!

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The Art of our Adventures

Another objective for our fantastical world was having art handouts to accompany our adventures. These are all crafted by the many artists that collaborated with us, and they’re all excited to share their work with you. We hope you love the quality, the look, and, most of all, the application of these in your games. • 13520 Northgate Estates Dr, Ste 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80921 • © 2024 Gooey Cube